About Pure Aroma Source

The goal of Pure Aroma Source is to make a difference in the world by sharing essential oils with others and teaching people how they can take care of themselves and their families.  Enjoy God's gift to us on this earth..

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Evelyn's Story


I have been dabbling in alternative health for the past 20 years, using natural herbs, homeopathic remedies, and essential oils as well as eating organic foods. For years, even though I did most of the right things, I was still getting sicker. 

Basically I had a known yeast infection for 25 years, sometimes worse than other times. My pain became so great that I sought the path of medical doctors. Unfortunately, the medicine shut down my liver, and I was in worse physical shape.

I found a Naturopathic doctor who treated me at the cell level. I learned that my yeast infection was just a symptom of a body that was very sick. Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Texas, my body was full of toxins from the nearby chemical companies.  I soon learned that when one domino in your cell falls down, others will follow. It took over a year to clean me from all of the different kinds of toxins. After I got well, I was able to take in the nutrients from food and grow stronger. 

During my studies of alternative health, I was drawn to essential oils and have used them for 20 years.  Oils were easy to use and very powerful. I was amazed by their purity and simple, clean smell.   

After a long journey, I started using these oils on my children, family, friends, and others with incredible results. Being easy to use and cost effective, I am empowered to give my body health and wellness down to my cell level and all from my home.